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About SAO

Welcome to IUS Student Affairs Office web page

Student Affairs Office

IUS Student Affairs Office (SAO) is actively involved in implementation  and monitoring of the University policies and procedures. 


It ensures the accuracy and security of academic records and serves as a resource on a variety of important matters such a s enrollment, course registration and withdrawal, deadlines for different applications/appeals, study rules and regulations, use of student information system, procedures related to course transfers and issuance of official documentation, graduation, etc. 

We encourage students to make use of our office recourses rather than rely on second-hand information. Ask assistance for any needs you may have, inside or outside of the classroom. 

Waiting time for service during peak periods can be longer than normal, so we kindly ask for your patience during these times.

Developing moral and ethical understanding and behaviors at all times is our goal. We encourage freedom of speech but also have in mind individual differences that shape us.  


Stay in touch with us and help us meet the needs of modern students. 

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